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Cameron, Trump and Harry or The Greedy one, The Seditionist and The Victim

David Cameron burst his own Bubble of respectability through his greed.

David Cameron has let himself down so severely. I believe our ex-Priminister, David Cameron, was a decent sought of chap, and as professional politicians go, he was reasonably able. He did a pretty good job as Britain's leader, particularly dealing with the monetary crises left by successive labour Governments who, by their own admission, had, just about bankrupted our country.

That is my big issue with labour. They just don't comprehend that you have to earn money before you can spend it. Socialists do not understand wealth creation because it is an anathema to them and contrary to their core values. Yet, they love spending money - other peoples money. And what is worse - they tend to spend it frivolously and often with reckless abandon, as has been proven in the UK so many times over the last few decades. Socialists just don't understand about earning money, so when the pot runs dry - they are stumped and so loose office. It is a repetitive cycle, and no one in the Labour Party seems to have learned that lesson.

Back to David Cameron; I did not agree with some of the decisions he and his erstwhile chancellor, George Osborne, took; withdrawing from Afganistan so irresponsibly, depleting our Armed Forces, scraping our surveillance aeroplanes and our Harrier fleet. But he was the Boss, and, right or wrong, he made those decisions.

But how disappointed I feel now. How thoroughly ashamed he must feel? He has shown himself to be no better than the lobbyists he derided when in office; grubby and greedy and not even brave enough to admit it. When put to the test via this Greensill fiasco, he failed dismally and was seduced by greed. He fell short of expectations and was found wanting. Greed got the better of him.

Starwars is happening in the USA - May the Force win.

I remember pondering on a thought decades ago; what if America became the UK's enemy? A terrifying prospect and a ridiculous idea, of course, and could, in reality, surely never be?

But when we look across the pond today and see how the once erstwhile Republican Party is behaving, it shocks one into a nightmare reality.

These Republican Congress men and women lining up to condone the 6th of January sedition are reminiscent of Trumps "Marc Antony" as depicted in Shakespeare's famous speech; "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears; I come not to bury Caesar" etc. Trying to separate Trump from the anarchy and attempted treason of the 6th of January 2021 is not going to fly with most people who are logical. They know what they saw, and they know what they heard.

This Trumpisium evil that pervades the Republicans is not unlike a cloak of "Darkness" that seems to threaten the USA's very foundations. It really is a fight between the "Darkness of Humans ability to be seduced by evil" and the silver - golden shining light of humanity's potential for goodness and greatness. The American Dream of "possibilities". The choice is that stark.

The Trump Apologists will hopefully receive their comeuppance. They are weak-minded and unprincipled scoundrels, and The United States of America deserves better - but that will be up to the people of the USA. May The Force be with you.

Harry - you really should just shut up now.

By the way, Harry, why are you making all these inner private feelings of resentment against your family public knowledge? Is it sympathy you are after or are you projecting your own inadequacies and bitterness onto your parents who gave you life? Or perhaps it is to just stay in the public eye and be written about, so you remain famous and have increased earning potential?

Harry - What on earth happened to you? You are like a shadow of your former self - like a vibrant tree that has withered - wandering around - talking to anyone who will listen or pay you. Feeling sorry for yourself and publicly casting dispersions on your own family will not get the job done. Grow up, Harry - and for pity sake - shut up now. We don't need to know about your shrink sessions. You are not the only one in the world who has had some struggles in their life.

I don't wish to be unkind or unsympathetic, Harry - you are a good guy who has gone down a destructive path - but accept responsibility for yourself and move on. If you don't like something - change it. But you don't have to tell everyone or anyone, Harry. Just do it. You keep complaining about the press intrusion and how unfair it is that they write about you, but you keep feeding the fire and fanning the flames.

Enough Harry - Be quiet now. We are not interested in what you think anymore. Nor your slanderous, cowardly and wild assertions against our Royal Family. We love our Queen, and we don't like your petty griping casting dispersions on our loyal and Royal Family.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - May - 2021

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