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Boris Johnson is a great statesman - I don't think so

How to explain Jonson's weakness - perhaps Borris can't function without Cummings?

Bully's, liars and bluffers, - they always show their hand eventually. There are many similarities between our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Trump, though they are different animals. But the similarities are not lost on those who observe these characters in action.

Johnson demonstrably knows more English Language words than Trump, but that is probably true of most English speaking people. But Johnson, like Trump, still exaggerates and bluffs his way out of awkward questions. We have seen in the last few days of May how he has doubled-down in a Trump-like way on Dominic Cummings, his chief adviser's misplaced interpretation of the "Pandemic LockDown Rules". Johnson has cajoled his cabinet into defending the indefensible, and they have all been jolly loyal to their leader and stood by good old Dominic Cummings. But in defending the indefensible, they or course have damaged their own integrity. They must realise this and figure it is a price they have to pay. How sad for them; I suppose they feel their humiliation is worth it.

Johnson is blatantly wrong to hang on to Cummings. In one long weekend, he has trashed his Governments authority and worse still; he has lost the gravitas of his office as Prime Minister.  Johnson has exercised an elitist policy, excusing poor behaviour from his top advisor, which is blatant hypocrisy and is a form of dishonesty.

I suspect the British Public, short as their memories might be, won't forget this and consequently, Johnson will eventually pay the price of his disingenuousness. He, like Trump, just can not help himself from reverting to type. Through his behaviour, he has reinforced the notion in the British Public and the world at large - that like Trump - He has his own set of rules which bend anyway he wants.

As far as Johnson desperately wanting to be considered a statesman and his Government declaring they are showing strong leadership and giving clear, concise and consistent messaging - that all seems a bit hollow now.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 27th May - 2020


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