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Bolton tells it how it how he sees it

The unvarnished truth

So now it is officially confirmed; whether you like Bolton or not, whether you are a Republican, a Democrat or something else - Bolton does not tell lies. In fact, the only accusation levelled at Bolton is that he tells the unvarnished truth - he calls it as it is with no frills and no softness. This apparent inability to be diplomatic may well have held him back in the past and prevented him from rising higher in the Republican political ranks.  The truths - that we always new are laid bare so all can know the facts. Trump is not only an idiot, but he is lazy. Firstly, there is nothing more dangerous than an idiot who thinks he is clever. Secondly, to have a leader who brings your country into disrepute every day because he is a habitual liar and is too lazy to read the briefs must be unacceptable to every American. The current serving President of the United States has most likely committed criminal acts, and the sooner this Peacock is gone, the better for everyone. Rick - Suffolk - UK - 21-06-2020

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