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Am I in a nightmare? then I finally wake up.

What a weasel of a man Mitch McConnell is. I listened to his mincing words - finally acknowledging Biden as President-Elect - I am still staggard that he is so obviously terrified of Trump. McConnell will go down in history - and down - and down.

It is as if the USA has shifted right. I always thought, that if I was a citizen of the USA that I would vote Republican; But now I would feel that voting Republican would be like voting for the Nazi Party - perhaps I have moved left or was I pushed?

The definition of Irony: Michael Flynn shouting "Lock her up" and Trump applauding and Roger stone saluting Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio walking around without handcuffs on.

Trump is out and Jo Biden will be President of the USA - It is true and I am awake - Thank God. Trump is out - gone - finished - the end. Not quite yet - but nearly. Time passes Tik-Tok Tik-Tok -

Rick - Suffolk - 15th December - 2020

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