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Alas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died

Trump's pick and the selection of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of Justice appears to be a foregone conclusion. Is she a suitable replacement for the pioneering and indomitable Ruth Bader Ginsburg? - that isn't very likely but remains to be seen.

The rather invidious way in which the Republicans are rushing through the confirmation process of Trump's latest Supreme Court nominee will come back and bite them eventually. It is not just the hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell, Lindsy Graham and others that is so astonishing; but the last minute and undemocratic in spirit - unsportsmanlike decision to proceed with this confirmation two weeks before an election.

While the Republicans may be grinning from ear to ear with their third far-right Supreme Court appointment, it is short-term thinking. This decision will damage the very fabric of Democracy in the United States. It will undermine the spirit and balance of Democracy itself, and it will have repercussions beyond what can be understood today. Furthermore, it will sow deeper seeds of division in Congress which will prevent or delay collaborative discussion between Republicans and Democrats, which after all, is what the Country deserves and after Trump, so badly needs.

It will be a divisive appointment that will erode trust in both Democracy and the Law. Not because of Judge Amy Coney Barrett herself, but because of the underhand way that this appointment has been executed at the very last minute.

This Trump - McConnell Republican period will be will recorded as a dark time in the USA's history. Whatever Biden is or isn't, he will be better than Trump - and certainly no worse.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 13th October - 2020

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