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A “No Brainer” means – the answer is obvious!

I suppose the writings of Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli are compulsory reading for a politician. However, seeing this sort of thing playing out in front of your very eyes is riveting if not unbelievable.

 It just seems so unreal and yet I keep having this image of Mr Gove as the real-life Francis Urquhart/Ian Richardson – and I can here him saying “I couldn’t possibly comment!” (and or course that patronising smile) – there seems something slightly psychopathic about a man who firstly states outright to the world that he, Michael Gove does not possess the qualities to be a Prime Minister of Great Britain whilst all the while it would seem, scheming and planning the possibility of his co-conspirator’s downfall – Boris – (who frankly in this play, gets what he deserves not to mention being laced into by Lord Hesleltine) – next has metaphorically stabbed his co-conspirator in the back – and then claims that he had no option as Boris was not capable of doing the job but he, Michael is really the chosen one – the only person up to the job as our new Prime Minister. If not Machiavellian, certainly hues of Animal Farm.

For us ordinary people (and your not talking to a herd of sheep here Mr Gove – Highland or otherwise) who live in the real world – where we judge people not just by what they say but by their actions – I would like to know how you can shave in the morning?

Whatever happened to trust, loyalty, honesty, friendship, decency, love? I can’t be the only one wondering how Mr Gove can seriously think he should stand as our new leader, as Prime Minister. Surely he has just given a vivid demonstration of the exact qualities that should eliminate anyone from being Prime Minister. If he was really persuaded by Mr Osborne (and I don’t want to believe that) or anyone else to send a “stinger” into Boris to stop him in his tracks – OK – I get that – but how can he really think he is the person to lead us – all of us?

Come on Michael, (Gove – not Heseltine) – get real! Haven’t you done enough damage already to this country? Why not do the right thing and leave a clear path for Theresa and let her get on with the job. She seems to have far more of the qualities that would serve all of us well, certainly more than any of the other candidates. It would appear that she is really the only person standing with high office experience, steady under pressure, a proven safe pair of hands and she might be the cohesive healer the Conservative Party needs right now but she is certainly the least divisive of all those standing. Oh – and those shoes.

I was told a story today; A son asks his father “Am I a boy Dad?

“Yes my son – you are a boy!”

“Will I be a man Dad?”

“Yes my son – you will be a man.”

“What is a man Dad?”

“Well” – says Dad – stepping into John Wayne mode – “A man is someone who watches out for you, who’s tough and always has your back, someone who is honest and stands up for what is right, someone you can trust, who’s always there when you need them and makes the right decisions, always in your best interest!”

“Oh – you mean like Mum!”

Rock on Mummy Theresa – I think we need you and the sooner the better! N.B. conservative MP’s!

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