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0.7% of UK GDP to Foregn Aid

It is so disappointing to hear of Johnson's Government going back on its word, yet again. I don't suppose we should be surprised, as saying one thing and doing another seems to be built into Borris Jonsons DNA.

He consistently exaggerates and is not adverse to telling outright lies. Not quite by Trump standards, more in a "Mini-Me" sort of way.

Never-the-less, lies are lies, and when anyone tells lies, it erodes trust, a commodity that Johnson has just about fully drained himself of now.

The UK has a proud record of helping those less fortunate and in need. We have a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council and are a member of the G7, which indeed we are hosting next year. We are one of the largest Economies in the world, and it is incumbent on us to step up and help those in even more need than ourselves.

A few voices in the wilderness, most notably Andrew Mitchell (Mitchel was David Camerons Chief Whip and resigned in 2012 after a spat with an abusive policeman got out of hand at the gates of Number 10 - known colloquially as "Plebgate")but what we really need to hear are the Tory ranks rising up and insisting that these cuts to Foreign Aid are reversed. This cut is abusive to those who depend on this aid, and it is highly damaging to the UK's reputation and our "Soft Power" abroad.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 18th November - 2020

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