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Democrat Presidential debates.

I understand getting noticed is crucial - But?

I confess I did not watch all of both debates but they both came across to me as almost pointless with so many candidates. In order to be noticed, you need a "Grabber" - something that is going to make people sit up and think - "wow" - and there really weren't too many of those. Also, listening and watching people constantly interrupting and not allowing the opponent to make their point is unattractive. Not dissimilar to an interviewer who refuses to listen to the answer and is interjecting before the answer is finished, constantly trying to put their own view across.

I was rather a fan of Kamala Harris. She came to my notice during her various Senate hearings where she doggedly questions the various people giving evidence. But she undid much of my goodwill for her when she started accusing Jo Biden of supporting "Bussing" - all those years ago. It just came across as rather disappointing, futile - kind of "sour-grapes on her part. That is not to trivialise what she went through - But it was not the time or place to bring it up. The way she hit Jo Biden with it diminished her in my eyes. If that is the best way she can come up with to get noticed - I don't think she is going to make the cut. Personally, I hope she improves her game.

I guess the concern is how so many candidates, (it is a failing of democracy the world over) want to promise the world to there perspective electors in order to win their votes. But what was noticeable is how "left of centre" the Democrats were moving. I am sure that is appealing to a small minority but I suspect if whoever is eventually chosen to be the Democrat nominee for President - running against Trump - they will have to win the centre ground and going left of that could have a heavy, if not fatal cost.

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