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When a secretary of the US Navy starts telling its sailors that their loyalties are wrong - you know

Wounds take time to heal - even self-inflicted ones

Some questions a United States Sailer, or anyone come to that, could ask themselves:

Who would you rather have as your boss - Donald Trump, Thomas Modly or Captain Brett Crozier?

Which one of these three men would your instinct tell you to follow?

When the chips are down, which one of these men would you trust to do the right thing at the right time?

Which of these three men have proven leadership skills and demonstrated integrity and courage under duress?

Out of Trump, Modly and Captain Crozier, which has clearly demonstrated their total lack of leadership or even any understanding of what good leadership looks like?

If you were going into battle, who would you want to follow?

The case of COVID 19 and the USS Theodore Roosevelt is just another example of how Trump turns a situation deriving from his poor stewardship into a much bigger issue. Trump is so feeble; he is incapable of taking responsibility for anything that goes wrong and always has to find a scapegoat.

Where good leaders take the blame and push the praise onto others, Trump - and apparently Modly also - is the opposite.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 7th April - 2020


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