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The letter I would expect to read or speech I would expect to hear from any Republican Senator.

Dear Sir, I have been a republican all my life. I have lived my life espousing and arguing for what I see as Republican values. Keeping more of what you earn, so a person's own endeavours and risks they take should be recognised and rewarded, which all goes to build what has become known as the American Dream.

The United States of America has always held that promise, even before independence from Britain, Ellis Island's story and since. In 1860 when Lincoln became the first Republican President, Republican values were enshrined in the abolition of slavery. I have always been proud to call my self a Republican.

But during the last four years, I have frankly, on many occasions, struggled with my conscience and found it hard to tow the party line under Trump. But sitting in this esteemed building today, this hallowed ground which represents our nation and its struggles, I feel bitterly sad, angry and disappointingly responsible because I recognise that I have played a part in enabling this tragedy to happen. I have listened and seen, and let's not forget, like most of us here today, experienced first hand what went on here on the 6th of January.

There is no doubt in my mind - what so ever - that the incontrovertible truth is that President Trump caused this invasion of Congress to happen.

He did not just "will-it" but ordered it. He was the Commander of this rag-tag army of "disaffects" - this Mob that he invited to our capital on a specific day, the sixth of January. That day was chosen because of what was taking place in this very chamber; the counting of the electoral college votes and the certification of the presidential election. He, without any doubt, because we heard it our selves straight from his own mouth, incited this Mob to invade our, the people's Congress.

President Trump has no defence. No more than if he had purposely stampeded a herd of cattle through a town and then claimed he was not to blame for the damage.

This has got to stop and stop right now. My friends, my very dear Republican Party - Our Grand Old Party will lose its soul, and in my view, it's very right to exist if we turn a blind eye now.

Let the Republican Party show now; show the world and the good people of the United States of America that we stand for civilisation, honest accountability and truth.

Bin Laden conspired and planned the 9/11 attacks on our country. They happened because of him. He did not carry out those heinous attacks personally, but he was held accountable. And it is just so and right that Trump should be held accountable for what took place in Congress on the 6th of January this year. There is no doubt that he was the instigator.

My friends, if we, the Republican Party fail to do what is right and proper now, we will stain the Republican Party forever. History will mark us as cowards who shied from doing our duty.

So, as a life long Republican, it is with a heavy heart that I will cast my vote to impeach the previous Republican President, President Donald Trump. Further, I will vote to banish him from ever holding Public Office again. As further punishment, I will vote to cancel any right he may have to any future remuneration, pension or protection at the taxpayer's expense.

I remain your proud (fictitious) Republican Senator.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 11th February 2021

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