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People are not stupid - they know that they can't trust Trump

Listening to the various participants taking part in the Republican National Convention; three things strike one immediately.

Firstly, the lofty speeches espousing the values of the Republicans, is what you might expect from the various participants, and that is all well and good. But the minute they try and link these words and sentiments to Trump - all their credibility falls apart. Their message becomes meaningless and unconvincing. Simply because the moment they link Trump to their message - the message no longer tallies - it is too much of a stretch. The speeches from the convention do not marry with the values and beliefs that Trump has demonstrated during the last four years. It is as non-sensical as someone expressing the view that the grass is blue and the sky is green. We all know that is not true.

Secondly, each participant who stands up and declares their loyalty to Trump and champions Trumps cause is severely damaging their own credibility. This is not about policies or programmes - it is about character, honesty and trust. Trump has told so many lies, spoken so many untruths and expressed so many false exaggerations, no one believes him anymore. Not to mention his lack of emotional intelligence and utter absence of ability to do the job. He has no credibility in the honesty stakes. No one trusts him. No-one except a blind sycophant or a fool would believe anything that comes out of Trump's mouth. So when people such as Nikki Haley, a bright, educated lady with demonstrated ability, stands and declares that Trump is the right guy for the job of President, her judgement has to be called into question. 

Finally, the Republicans have created a problem for their party by aligning themselves so closely with Trump. When Trump falls, hopefully in November, many will see no difference between the GOP and Trump. The Republicans will have to work hard to redefine themselves, their values and what they stand for and put some clear blue water between themselves and Trump. It may take longer than they think.

Would anyone in the Republican Party, for instance, vote for Al Capone as President, or Trump? Six of one, half a dozen of the other - one might say.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 26th August 2020


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