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Isis, Brexit and a Trump crises.

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The Isis chickens come home to roost

Our Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, who I am told has ambitions of reaching the top of the "Greasy Pole" has been talking tough with regards to the"Bethnal Green Isis Brides"; Shamima Begum, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana, who went off to support the barbaric butchery that was and still is the Isis Doctrine.

There were at least a couple of hundred British citizens who left to join and support Isis. Isis was a horrific collection of indoctrinated misfits who committed some of the most gruesome torturing and cruel war crimes ever committed, and they should pay for their ghastly crimes against humanity.

There has to be a reckoning.

I remain unsure about Mr Javid as a future Prime Minister, but he is right with regards to these teenagers, one of whom, Shamima Begum has just given birth to a little boy in a camp in Syria. They have shown no contrition or regret and talk brazenly about heads of decapitated people as if this is normal.

But we have to let them back into the UK, though they should be interned until they have compleated sufficient councilling to ensure they have been re-indoctrinated into civil society and can show genuine remorse for their actions. This has nothing to do with religion, it is about being a decent human being and being able to contribute to society.

Of course, we should not be soft on crime and I am not advocating that, but people make mistakes - that is surely part of being human?

Even, as seems to be the case in this instance, the parties concerned have not acknowledged their guilt, it is incumbent on us to give them a second chance.

I am a great believer in restorative justice. In reality, I think it is an essential factor in any form of justice, that is if we believe justice is as much about forgiving and rehabilitating as it is about punishing.

There is naturally a "scale" of crime and a "scale" of retribution. But to just say "No" to these girls plea to return seems too unforgiving.

Forty days to go and cutting it frighteningly fine.

A bit like the GOP in the United States, the Conservative Party seems to have shifted right during the last year or so - and a rather unpleasant right at that. But the right has not just become unpleasant and lacking compassion, but worryingly, it also lacks common sense. Of course, the Labour Party is even more divided, but that is another story. They do have some sensible Members of Parliament amongst their ranks, and though not in power, the sensible ones can still make a difference. The rhetoric that comes from the right indicates that it is out of touch with reality, the reality that the rest of us face on a daily basis. They live in their political bubbles and appear unable or uninterested in experiencing the real world as it is. Theresa May is hemmed in by her refusal to contemplate actions that could result in splitting the conservative party, which in effect is now two separate parties anyway. Mrs May believes that she has to keep the Conservative party united, even if the cost of that means a hard Brexit.

Disappointingly, this means she is putting Party before Country. I find that unacceptable and consequently, despite her admirable tenacity, she has lost my support. One can only hope she is voted down and the House of Commons can rest control and bring in a moderate easy Brexit - such as EFTA - which has been my preference for a long time.

As far as Brexit is concerned, there are "books" worth of lessons that future historians will study and moral dilemmas for students of philosophy to learn from, not to mention lessons on negotiation and strategy. But if anything fills me with despair, it is the fact that the UK had worked so hard to put itself in a prime position that would have enabled it to be relevant and proactive in so many areas of life; where it could really be a force for good, not just in the world, but nationally. There were so many doors that were either opening or about to open, and it is as if, in a fit of peak, we slammed them all shut.  We will ever be remembered as the nation that cut off its nose to spite the face.

Our Members of Parliament are in the limelight, our future is in their hands and I would like to remind them of this: They have been elected to the Mother of Parliaments - and more than ever the burden of responsibility rests on their shoulders. They are there - not to do the will of individuals or the whips,  but to do what is right - despite individuals, despite party loyalty - they are there to lead. All MP's should remember that only just over half the country voted to leave - which means only just under half the country voted to stay in the EU. There is speculation that if a vote was cast today - that majority would be reversed. So it is incumbent on our MP's that they work for a deal that can please everyone. I would urge them all "go to the middle ground"  and find a moderate solution that is the best for the country and the people who live here and even more importantly - the young generation who are the future. Do the right thing. Lead and be a force for good. Perhaps, even at this late stage, perhaps they might be able to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Oh gosh, I hope so.

The President who cried Wolf

In every country in the world, there are problems, issues and challenges that occur on a daily basis and have to be dealt with. This is what leaders and politicians are for, this is part of their job, like the CEO and directors of a company. Decisions are made to rectify issues, solve problems and improve results.

But of course, action has to be balanced with the issue at hand. An over-reaction could be devastating and cause even more serious issues than it solves.

We all know this, balance is key. Over-reaction is the response of "Hot-Heads", the people unfit for leadership.

Everyone in the world must know that calling the situation on the Mexican Border "a Crises" is an exaggeration. The only crises, or more aptly put, disgrace, is that there are human beings who are starving, in need of medical assistance; people who need help, right on the American doorstep and the USA is doing little to aid these people.

I suspect few are surprised by the actions of the current President of the United States of America, he has a reputation for exaggerating, telling bare-faced lies and doing his best to divide people.

But the issue here is not trumps wall but Trumps Judgement, or lack of it. His behaviour is like the little boy who cuts the pieces of the jig-saw to make them fit.

The trouble for Trump is he has lost all his credibility. Only his most sycophantic supporters will believe anything he says. He's cried Wolf too many times and now, no one believes him, and we all know what happened to the boy who cried wolf!

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 18th February - 2019


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