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By disengaging we lose control

We are witnessing a pivotal time in the history of humankind. Our society has developed serious schisms: Left and Right-wing politics - Democracy versus Autocracy - Fairness against Unfairness. Tolerance versus Intolerance - Kindness versus Unkindness, Have's versus Have-Nots - The starving and poor against the fat and Rich. Justice against Injustice, Truth against Dishonesty - Fact against Fiction.

If these differences are not addressed, and so far they have not been, then inevitably, Humans will tumble once again into war, and the real battles that we all should be fighting and focussing on will be lost; Pollution, Over-Population and Habitat Destruction.

There is little doubt that, ultimately, the world would be much better off if we humans were not here; perhaps we will finally destroy ourselves.

These schisms I have referred to above are also often dichotomies. For instance, we have both a far-left politician, Jeremy Corbyn and a far-right politician, Marine Le Pen, decrying Europe's stance on defending Ukraine and refusing to call out Putin as the psychopathic despot he is. Quite why they both support Putin, I don't understand, but it speaks volumes about their values and character.

Then we have the far-right Republican Party in the USA - the Trumpians - who seem somewhat similar to the Taliban in their behaviour towards logic, truth, facts, women, honesty, and progress, if not shaving.

Not too unlike many Conservative party members here in the UK, where apparently it is quite alright to support the indefensible if it is for the sake of party loyalty. Gosh - their Mummy's and Papa's must be proud of them.

Let's be honest - no one can ever please everyone, but as human beings, we should know the difference - in the broadest terms - between right and wrong. Furthermore - we all do wrong sometimes, but failure to recognise wrong, to own it - to be fully accountable when we know we have done wrong - that is what builds distrust.

So perhaps a few nameless politicians might consider - understanding that through all the greed, lust and fear of and for power - there is something more important; truth, honesty, and building trust. That is an enviable reputation. Far more than intellect, obfuscating the truth, blaming others and failing to hold yourself to account.

Another dichotomy; most reasonable people will have greater trust for admitted failure than denied truth. While some, perhaps too many, believe everything they read - most people are not that stupid. They know when people are being untruthful and telling fibs or lies.

So here we are - lying on the thin line between denying the truth that is taking place in front of our eyes or stepping up and facing down the violent perpetrators threatening to crush society as we know it - the dichotomy of evil.

Every few generations, we forget the expensive lessons past learnt and have to face our own reality. I wonder if we will generate the conviction of our beliefs and the will to win - or if one day the "Dark Side" will win because we were too frightened and weak to stand up and fight for our beliefs?

Rikki - Suffolk - UK - 4th August 2022

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