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Brexit again - perhaps we are near the end

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Brexit again - Please let it end

Entrenched and impassioned views and people dig in still further. That is until they finally realize that there is no way they can win - so either capitulate or compromise or end up destroyed. It is just like war. The two indefatigable strengths; That of the Oak Tree and the Reed.  When should we bend like the reed in the strong wind and bounce back when the wind has died or stand like the Oak and get blown to the ground, only to be cut up for firewood.

Is this really like war though? Is this worth dying for or just some antiquated views of a few frightened Dinasors?

I run a business - not huge but small to medium. I enjoy it - mostly. Like any activity, it is not fun all the time. There are, unless you are a hard-hearted and callous individual, tough decisions to be made on occasions, sometimes they are judgments that affect people and their livelihoods.

But I have two maxims I always think of; one is something a local bank manager said to me years ago, and that is, "Get tough quick" - he was, in fact, explaining to me the reason for his rather harsh letter to me addressing  my overdraft situation and second is, "you don't want to cut your arm off with a pair of nail scissors" - in other words, be quick and decisive when you need to be, it is much better for everyone all round.

I am now of the view, that a decision needs to be made about Brexit. I may have a preferred direction, but just kicking the decision down the road creates even more uncertainty and thus instability both for Business and Individuals. We have endured two and a half years of this painful indecision and it is dragging our country down as well as the moral of the people.

It reminds me of another saying; "doing nothing is the worst thing you can do." So even making the wrong decision can sometimes be better than doing nothing.

However frustrating, it is a very interesting place to be and time to be alive. We are witnessing first hand some momentous history in the making.

Much will be revealed during the following two weeks - as Harold Wilson once said: "a week is a long time in politics" - But there are a couple of fall-outs for me, and they are; 1) I can not see myself ever voting for the Conservative Party again, at least not in its current form, any more than I would vote for Mr Corbyn. So I think we could see a division in our political party's because I don't suspect that I am the only one who feels this way. 2) I remember the time when my business partners and I sold our business. It became an excruciating experience. So much resource was taken from the activity of the business that it suffered hugely during the selling process. I see almost the exact correlation during Brexit. Not just our country but dare I say, sorry if this sounds arrogant but the world has suffered also. We as a country have not had our eyes on the job because we have been so distracted with Brexit.

So I hope we make the right decision - But whatever decision - we need to make it by the 29th of March 2019.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 19th March - 2019


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