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All is not well in our world and the UK is no exception

We are heading in the wrong direction

Here in the UK, there is a smell in the air. It is the familiar odour of something rotten - the taint of deception and conspiracy to wrest power by underhand means. Employing devious methods, our over-grown school-boy of a Primeminister, Borris Johnson is appointing individuals who are only answerable to him and his puppet-master, Dominic Cummings. 

The whole situation in Westminister wreaks to high heaven. You can always tell when something underhand is afoot. Think of an amateur conjurer, performing some unpracticed smoke & mirrors trick that is so obviously seen through, yet, never-the-less, we are expected to applaud as if we believe, even though we know it is all farse. When direct questions are put by inquiring journalists, Borris and his minion's reply with bluster and denials that subvert the truth and they expect, like the sheep in Animal Farm, the rest of us to fall into line and believe their disingenuous untruths.

Apparently, if Johnson had instituted "Lock-Down" a week earlier, something in the region of 75% of the over 40,000 live's lost so far to COVID 19 would have been saved. I have no idea if that is true or not, but there seems to be some validity to the fact that Johnson dithered and refused to listen to the Science, as our governing politicians are now so fond of hiding behind when it suits them. 

Anyone who has the temerity to hold a different opinion to Johnson and Cummings, and worse still, voices their opinion, seems to be rapidly moved out and replaced with a tame and well-heeled lap-dog. There is a disquieting "Trumpian" behaviour settling over Downing Street, and we should all be worried.

There are checks and balances that have been put in place over centuries to ensure the executive is held to account. When those in authority erode and circumvent these, you know something is awry. 

I bang on a bit about "Trust" - because it is so fundamental to good leadership. I confess to feeling unsafe right now with these machiavellian school-boys running our country into the ground. There is something not right. The Bushman of the Kalahari would speak of their "Tapping." A feeling, deep in their gut - and those who learned to listen to their Tapping - would survive.

With leaving the EU - which I think is a massive blunder on our part - with the enormous distraction of The COVID Pandemic and the financial carnage that is about to follow, I wonder who is watching Putin, Jinping, and Isis etc. Where is our focus? 

Furthermore - do we really want to be eating chlorinated chicken and treating our livestock with a degraded welfare standard brought about by this shabby Government who are more interested in sidling up to Trump than sticking by our allies, neighbours and friends, not to mention the principles of everything our history has made us?

There seems to be no direction, nothing we as a country are aiming for - no vision what-so-ever. We are drifting, and Borris is screaming "Vegemite will be cheaper and chlorinated chicken is good for you" and all the while, the tide is taking us out to a sea of debt, pollution and I cannot but help feel, impending disaster. 

I fear for my children and their children. The debt they inherit will be eye-watering. The unevenness in society is growing. The planet and all the other forms of life we share our world with are suffering because of us and our seemingly, unquenchable greed.

We are crying out for leadership with a vision for a brighter future that we can all share in, but I have a distinct feeling - Borris is not the guy who can deliver it. What depresses me is when I think that 40% of Americans support Trump, and it seems we have that exact same mentality in Britain that supports Borris.

How is that even possible? Individuals, who on the face of it appear to be educated and worldly and yet tacitly support this creep towards dictatorship? Because that is what it is - or is becoming; Power held by a central body - where dissent is crushed, and the effective constitutional limitations are eroded. Dictatorship may be a bit of a strong word, but it feels like that is where we are heading. Borris, like a friendly scorpion, is not to be trusted.

Rick - Suffolk - UK - 30th June 2020


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